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Aleksandra Juzwik

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My name is Aleksandra, I would like to offer you my personal training sessions, which are individually tailored to your needs, goals and your predispositions. I will help you to achieve your dream figure, no matter whether you want to lose weight, increase muscle mass, improve strength, endurance, flexibility or general fitness.

I emphasize a proper technique of exercises, diversity and uniqueness of trainings, which are far from monotonous, boring sessions. My trainings will give your body a stimulus resulting in a positive change to your current figure and well-being.
My programs are based on the NASM Optimum Performance Training Model to help you achieve your goal in planned, systematic and periodized manner. During my workouts I use the newest, proven fitness trends:

✔TRX Suspension;
✔Resistance tubing, bands;
✔Swiss ball;

✅Functional training;


✅Holistic training;

✅Isometric training;

✅SMR roll techniques & other variety of stretching techniques.

I am also P90X LIVE Instructor, so my trainings are enriched with fantastic exercise techniques to challenge your body to your limits. But don't worry I will progressively adjust your trainings to make sure that you train safely and satisfactorily to get your dreamed figure.
I am here to motivate you, to change your lifestyle to more fit, but without extreme revolution, to guide you on your path to reach your fitness goals and become better version of  NEW YOU - Healthy, Fit, Happy & Confident.
Don't say anymore to yourself I have to start exercising regularly, I have to start a healthy and active lifestyle. Stop with this. Just take the first step and I will guide you with this exciting fitness tour. Everything is simpler then you think just requires your action. Train your body, train your mind, learn discipline and most of all have fun with it by my side.

I love to train outdoors and also can provide you great workouts at your home, either you like to train alone or in a small groups with your friends or meet a new one. If your partner would like to join our training sessions, that would be a fantastic idea, workouts together are great fun, I organize trainings for couples too.
I will keep your workouts varied and effective at all time. Some clients prefer a high impact, intense workouts while others can only manage a low to moderate program.  My training sessions covers a broad range of fitness & trust me we will get you where you want.

It will be great pleasure to meet you in person & know more about you. I would like to hear what's your fitness goals and make sure you reach them.
Remember one thing, miracles don't happen by themselves. You get as much as you give of yourself! Every great success is a triumph of persistence so trust me, because TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT!

First consultation: free of charge.

I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.


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Doświadczenie: 3 lata

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My name is Aleksandra and I would like to offer you my personal training sessions. I make sure our trainings will be designed accordingly to your needs and predispositions. We would start first with free consultation, when I could get to know you.
Trener Personalny/ Personal Trainer Then next meeting will be already assessment, which includes: circumference measurement, body composition- percent body fat, cardiorespiratory fitness level, posture & movement assessment.
Trener Personalny/Personal Trainer Every great success is a triumph of persistence so trust me, because TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT!

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